"If you knew what I am, not only would you not understand it, but you would run from it."

    - Leonardo Le' Muerte


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  • The Ancient Chronicles

    The Newborn

    Badly treated by his father, Leonardo spends the evening hiding away only to find his entire family brutally murdered the next morning. That night, he had a dream about monsters, but it had only been a dream, right? Perhaps not, as his family is not dead, and Leonardo is thrust into work as a slave, living a life of solitude as he plots revenge.


    Unbeknownst to you young Leonard, a dark and mysterious entity has been watching him carefully, waiting for the opportune moment to take him away from his life of abuse and mistreatment. Boris is a reckless, seductive vampire who sees great promise in Leonardo, so one night in the woods, he takes his life-but gives him another.


    Boris teaches him the immortal ways through the Vampyr laws. However, as a newborn vampire Leonardo fights a battle between his mortal past and immortal future. He must choose to embrace the darkness or fight against those who came before, while seeking vengeance for his family's massacre and even becoming a killer himself.



    Coming Soon to Bookstores Near You

    Secrets of the Ancients (Coming Soon)

    Romulus and Alessandro Vandesius, the ancient vampires that lead their covenant to power, started their story in Rome in the year of 300 A.D. When their mother was killed for performing witchcraft, Romulus and his brother Alessandro were sold as slaves by Vendrix, Andranos and Varus. These men were know as the The Cursed, creators of the immortals, fathers to the vampire race. Romulus and Alessandro were turned into vampires, and quickly they began to make their own immortal codes, the Vampyr laws.

    The Lost Rose (Coming Soon)

    In France, 1300 A. D., vampire Boris and his maker Tabitha were joined together for all eternity, when they fell in love. However, soon after he learned the ways of being an immortal and possessing his dark gifts, Tabitha abandons Boris to join the ancient vampire Romulus and his covenant. Boris was left by himself to bare the ultimate lesson as a new vampire. After many years, he becomes one the most respected vampires within the New World of 1587 A.D.

    Creatures of the Night (Coming Soon)

    Young Mia and her brother Linus, were turned into vampires in 1604 A.D., in the small town of Virginia, by a hundred year vampire named Gloria. It was forbidden for vampires to turn children into immortals, and once Gloria's makers found out, she was killed and wiped out from all of the vampire's history. Mia and Linus fled to Pennsylvania, where they both had to endure and survive their new lives. Meanwhile, in 1795, they encounter Vampire Leonardo, who help them survive and co-exist with society as young vampires.

    The Fallen Princess (Coming Soon)

    Anya, an ancient princess from Decia, Romania is mistreated and abused for many years by her father, King Allenos. She has given up all hope, as she has no way to escape her pain and suffering. Until one day, one of The Cursed, one of the creators of the immortals and one of the fathers to the vampire race, shows her that she has more strength then she believes. However, with this power, many immortals desired to obtain it, including The Cursed. One night, Princess Anya was kidnapped and turned into a vampire. She was no ordinary. Anger evolved inside, as she became a killing machine. Without mercy, Anya slaughtered the town and King Allenos. She abandoned her kingdom, and fled to pursue her dark gifts and immortality with The Cursed. Throughout the centuries, she was known to become the fallen princess, the deadliest ancient vampires to rule.

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    Richard A. Delgado is a full-time animation artist and part-time writer of fantasy novels. Born in Monterrey, Mexico and raised in Houston, Texas, he now lives in Southern California with his wife. He holds a Master's degree in visual development and is currently working on his second Master's degree in illustration at the Academy of Art University.


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